Newsletter – April, 2017

On My Mind
Multivariate Data Analysis (MDA) consists of a set of analytical techniques used to gain unique insights and extract as much knowledge as possible from medium and big-sized “row by column” datasets. Some of the MDA techniques include Discriminant Analysis, Factor Analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis, MANOVA, and Cluster Analysis. I use a seven step process when analyzing a row-by-column dataset using MDA techniques: (1) Discuss Zero Data (Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Objectives, etc.), (2) Characterize the Dataset (using a Shichi Box), (3) Select the MDA Technique (e.g., Factor Analysis), (4) Apply the Technique, (5) Capture the Insights (decide to apply another MDA technique or not), (6) Summarize the Findings (when done), and (7) Communicate the Findings. You can contact me if you would like a list of MDA reference books.

Interesting Stories
Superior service can stand out in the crowd. I had a client meeting the other day in the area of Target Field which is the home of the Minnesota Twins Major League Baseball Club. There is a Twins store connected to the stadium and I wanted to buy a Twins media guide, but the store doors to the outside were locked – you had to enter the stadium to visit the store. A woman working for the Twins was standing outside the stadium and she noticed my situation. She asked me if I worked for the media or for the Twins. I told her that I’m a baseball fan and that I just wanted to buy a media guide, but that I couldn’t enter the Twins store. She said “follow me” and she speedily took me through the ticket gates to a vendor stand where I bought the media guide. She then led me out of the stadium. I regret that I didn’t get her name because I would have written a letter to the Twins Front Office detailing her act of kindness. It was first class, superior service in my book.

Company News
A one day Customer Analysis workshop will be held April 12 at the Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center in Chaska, MN and a two day Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis course will be held May 8-9 at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth, MN. A one day public Continuous Improvement for Leaders course will be held June 6 at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth, MN. The next public Continuous Improvement Green Belt course starts July 17. All brochures will be available on the PUBLIC SEMINARS page of this website by April 18.

Intriguing Reads
I typically use Minitab (software package) to conduct a Multivariate Data Analysis (MDA), but an alternative is R. R is a free software package that can be used to apply MDA techniques ( There is a great book on MDA using R titled, “Using R With Multivariate Statistics” by Randall E. Schumacker. This book features some of the common MDA techniques; some of the relevant history of the MDA techniques; and how to use R to apply the MDA techniques. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a statistical software package to apply MDA techniques, then you might consider using R.